Married True Blood stars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer went public with her pregnancy months ago, but it seems they left out one key little detail. She’s carrying two babies. The twenty-nine-year-old soon to be mother finally confessed the happy news today, but at least for one of the couple’s cast members, the reveal wasn’t altogether shocking.

Less than a year ago, Sam Trammell became a father to twins as well. I’m not sure that’s significant of anything larger, but as someone who knows exactly what they’ll be going through, it’s hard to imagine a better man to have around than the True Blood actor. According to US Weekly, he’s already offered some advice to Paquin and Moyer about what to do in the event of various concerns, but all three are well aware you can’t truly know what you’re in for until the babies actually arrive.

Paquin is set to give birth this fall, but as far as parenting experience goes, she’s actually got a little bit of it already. Moyer has two children from a previous relationship, and as his wife, she’s helped raise the kids and help them through problems. That same patience and love will be needed when the still-unnamed duo begin screaming, crying and eating.

Twins might not have been what Anna or Stephen were expecting, but they should adapt and figure out the ropes in no time. Here’s to hoping the happy family stays just that.

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