Over the past few months, Ariel Winter’s life has been filled with chaos and upheaval. The Modern Family star was yanked out of her home after alleged abuse by her mother, and after a court investigated, the actress’ older sister Shanelle Gray was awarded custody. Later this month, she’ll undergo yet another major life change, though this one she’s actually stoked about.

According to TMZ, Ariel has been enrolled in a private Los Angeles high school, and she will begin attending classes for the first time in her entire life. As a working actress, she’s always been taught at home or tutored, but with so much going on in her life, she and Shanelle made the decision that maybe some normalcy would do wonders.

Modern Family producers have already told Ariel they’ll happily accommodate the new time restrictions once she gets started, and by all accounts, the starlet seems to be happier and more upbeat than she’s been in years. Regardless of what was actually happening with her mother, Chrystal Workman, it’s pretty clear putting her in a new environment was the best decision the court could have made. Plus, while high school is tedious and annoying, it’s still an experience most people should go through.

Technically, Ariel’s father has full control over his daughter’s finances, but in the grand scheme of things to spend money on, school tuition should be at the top of that list. Here’s to hoping she’s able to meet some cool people, learn some cool facts and feel like a carefree teenager.

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