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Check Out Emma Watson, Mindy Kaling And More At The This Is The End Premiere

This summer’s movie market might be saturated with apocalyptic films like After Earth and Oblivion, but thanks to its perspective on the subject matter and an incredibly talented cast, This Is The End still seems poised to stand out from the pack.

The film stars Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and a host of others, all playing fictionalized versions of themselves who wind up at the same party in the face of the apocalypse and must band together in order to make it out of the madness alive. Cinema Blend’s own Eric Eisenberg called the film hilarious, and the buzz from everyone else seems to be just as promising, which is probably why this week’s premiere was both so well-attended and so full of laughs.

An overwhelming majority of us weren’t there, but luckily, the fine people over at Sony were able to capture photographs of the event. From Emma Watson to Paul Rudd to many of the stars mentioned above, some of Hollywood’s best and brightest were on hand, and you can take a look at the visual evidence of the magical evening below.

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