Prior to the release of Cars 2, Pixar had the type of reputation and brand loyalty companies dream about. Many fans were convinced the studio had never made a bad movie, and critical consensus backed that theory up. Of its first eleven movies, eight were nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards, six were declared the winner and all eleven currently hold Rotten Tomatoe scores higher than seventy percent. Those are almost mythic numbers, but unfortunately, some of the air was let out last year with the release of the disappointing Cars 2.

Widely panned by critics, the film grossed far less than many of its predecessors, and audience reaction was far from euphoric. In fact, the majority of people are willing to openly say Cars 2 was the first blemish on an otherwise spotless resume. Ordinarily, going eleven-for-twelve would be considered incredible by almost any measure, but since the stink bomb was the most recent film Pixar has given us prior to this weekend’s Brave, it’s completely fair to wonder whether its lack of quality has affected the company’s larger reputation.

Given how many moments of joy Pixar has given me, I’m still willing to see anything the studio produces, but thanks to Cars 2, I’m not blindly confident Brave will be the most wonderful animated movie I see this year. I’m optimist it’ll be great, but I wouldn’t be shocked if I thought otherwise. Cars 2 has lowered my expectations. The question is, how it lowered yours? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Did Cars 2 Lower Your Expectations For Brave?

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