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Donald Trump might bend over backwards to praise every contestant on Celebrity Apprentice immediately after their firings, but that doesn’t mean he’s a man to passively sit by as someone hurls accusations at him. Thus, it's not surprising he's already taking steps to file a lawsuit against Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin for claiming his Miss USA pageant was/ is rigged.

The scorned contestant took to her Facebook on both Monday and Tuesday to issue a resignation and follow-up rant that accused the pageant of selecting the top five ahead of time. She claimed another contestant informed her of five names she’d seen on a piece of paper, and when those same five names ultimately wound up being the winners, she realized the competition was fraudulent, trashy and not in line with her moral code. Organizers have since released a statement saying the resignation letter she sent them complained about transgender contestants being admitted, but Trump went with a far more aggressive and logical perspective when he conducted a phone interview with The Today Show this morning.
“The person that supposedly showed the list (to Monnin) totally denies that that ever took place. This is a girl who went there, lost, she wasn’t in the top 15, and she’s angry at the pageant system.’’

In typically Trump form during the chat, the mogul described his initial impressions of Monnin as a girl without a chance to win. He also continually mentioned Ernst & Young certifying the voting results and admitted he couldn’t care less who makes the top five or wins.

I’m willing to believe Trump if for no other reason than his last point. I don’t see why anyone in the organization would care enough to cheat. Any girl unfit to represent the brand or somehow controversial wouldn’t make it into the later rounds, and since the rest are all fit to carry on the legacy, it seems like they’d just let the pageant play out. It’s not like they’ll get higher ratings if someone in particular is chosen.

We’ll see what a judge has to say in court whenever this lawsuit gets filed.

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