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More than a month ago, a cruise ship worker accused John Travolta of offering him twelve thousand dollars for gay sex. The incident allegedly occurred in 2009, involved an exposed penis and ended with the man, Fabian Zanzi, thwarting the alleged advances. His claim was made in the days following the masseur lawsuits, but unlike the other two accusers, Zanzi didn’t hire an attorney. He promptly disappeared and wasn’t heard from again, at least until today when he changed course and hired a lawyer.

According to People, the worker hasn’t publicly revealed how much he thinks he should be entitled to, but he is seeking damages for assault, battery and emotional distress. We’ll see what a judge has to say once the case gets that far, but from the outside looking in, he’s got two big problems moving forward.

First, Zanzi filed a report immediately after the incident allegedly happened, but he didn’t include anything of a sexual nature in his complaint. Second, he waited three years to take any action and only did so in the aftermath of other people filing lawsuits. That first issue will undermine his credibility a bit, and the second issue could potentially lead to jurors wondering whether he really had that much pain and suffering.

Even if true, his claim really only boils down to Travolta taking out his junk and giving him an awkward naked hug, which is uncomfortable and probably worth a punch in the face but not litigation seeking large damages.

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