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A few years ago, Robert Randolph decided to write a book about allegedly watching John Travolta engage in sex acts in bathhouses. The work was called You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, and assumedly, its author thought he’d wind up with a big pay day. That’s not what happened. Travolta and his attorney reportedly drafted a letter questioning Randolph’s credibility and mental state, prompting an overwhelming majority of retailers to pass on stocking the book.

In light of all the allegations that have come out about Travolta in recent months, Randolph has decided to sue Travolta for libel. According to TMZ, the writer claims his reputation was hurt by the lies, and he’d like damages for both that and the failure of his book to find an audience.

Marty Singer, Travolta’s aggressive lawyer, has already fired a warning shot back at Randolph, saying if the lawsuit moves forward, he will file his own malicious prosecution suit after it is quickly dismissed. Singer is convinced the letter Randolph is so pissed about was privileged under the law, and therefore, doesn’t fall under any libel statutes.

Regardless of whether Randolph’s book was a legitimate account of what he witnessed, it’s really hard to side with a tattletale spreading other people’s secrets. If people feel they were wronged by Travolta’s behavior, they should go to the police, not pen a book outlining every steamy detail.

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