Louis CK Wins Grammy For Best Comedy Album

Stand-up comedian Louis CK has been beloved by comedy fans for awhile. Thanks to his honesty, passionate delivery and blend of intelligent, yet blue subject matter, he’s been able to carve out a passionate base of followers. That group has steadily been growing the past few years thanks to HBO comedy specials and his brilliant show on FX. Now he’s finally gotten some Grammy love.

The comedian’s album Hilarious won a Grammy earlier tonight for Best Comedy Album, besting Alpocalypse by Weird Al, Finest Hour by Patton Oswalt, 50 & Not Pregnant by Kathy Griffin and Turtleneck And Chain by The Lonely Island. None of the other nominees, save Weird Al, have ever won Grammys either, but with all apologies to them, this was Louis CK’s year.

For every Eddie Murphy who’s crushing Saturday Night Live while still a teenager, there’s a dozen guys like Louis CK grinding it out on the road. Most of them never get full on famous. Fame isn’t always apportioned fairly, but the greatest among them tend to slowly build in popularity over time. Louis CK is hardly Jerry Seinfeld right now, but he’s slowly inching his way there. Average Americans are finally beginning to appreciate his brilliance, and with any luck, this Grammy will inspire a few more to listen to Hilarious.

Pop Blend sends out its congratulations to Louis CK on the honor, which hopefully will be the first of many.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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