It’s been more than a week since Terminator 3 star Nick Stahl went missing, and with each passing day, the actor’s loved ones are growing more worried. He’s reportedly left for a couple days a few times before, but he’s never gone this long without calling his wife Rose and reappearing in her and their daughter’s life.

Without answers, Rose turned to People Magazine today to keep her husband’s story in the press, and her initial optimism seems to have darkened quite a bit. Here’s a look at what she had to say…
"He could have overdosed, that's one thought. And I'm wondering if there will be a body recovered."

Even prior to Stahl’s disappearance, he and Rose were going through a rough patch. The actor has reportedly been battling drug problems for years. To try and jolt him into changing his life, the two decided to begin living at separate residences, and the actor was required to take a drug test prior to each visit with his daughter. Unfortunately, it now seems like those efforts may have been fruitless.

The Los Angeles Police Department recently gave each of its officers working in Skid Row pictures of Stahl in order to speak with residents during their shifts, but thus far, no positive leads have emerged. Until they do, an estranged wife will continue to contemplate the worst possible scenarios and a little girl will continue to wonder where her father is.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to the entire family.

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