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After vanishing without a trace more than a week ago, Nick Stahl finally got in touch with his family and friends over the weekend. The reach out was in the form of an email, which offered those closest both reasons for optimism and cynicism. The whole him-being-alive-thing was obviously a big positive, but the communication also reportedly said he’d be in rehab and MIA for thirty days. Given his history of drug problems, some of his loved ones were supposedly skeptical, but it turns out any panic as to the email was an overreaction.

Stahl’s wife Rose told E! News her husband checked into a rehabilitation facility last night and will definitely undergo treatment for substance abuse. Obviously, the knowledge that he’s safe and sound has to be the biggest comfort to his family, but his seeking treatment probably isn’t far behind. The most important thing for an addict is forward progress, and going to rehab is definitely forward progress.

In addition to an acting career that’s saw him star in blockbusters like Terminator 3 and Sin City, Stahl also has a young daughter at home. The reasons for sobriety are many, and with any luck, this whole fiasco will be the kick in the pants he needs to start living a healthy life again.

Pop Blend sends out its well-wishes to Stahl as he works on his problems and to his entire family as they spend a month without him.

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