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It’s been three days since Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth were arrested, and the bad publicity shows no signs of letting up. The actress tried taking ownership and apologizing for what happened, but that hasn’t taken her name out of the headlines. In response, she’s apparently decided to try another approach.

According to E! Online, Witherspoon cancelled an appearance on Good Morning America this morning and cancelled a scheduled appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tomorrow. No doubt both of those times in front of the camera would have led to some awkward conversations about her actions during her husband’s DUI stop, but then again, they also could have given her a chance to speak directly to the American public and let everyone know how badly she feels about what happened.

I get why she cancelled the appearances. Her ability to promote her upcoming film Mud would have been completely overshadowed by her personal life. She would have had to answer uncomfortable questions, and she would have had to talk about her husband’s mistakes as well as her own. None of that would have been positive, but at least then she wouldn’t have seemed like she’s running from the situation. As it stands, it sort of seems like she’s missing a chance to run past it. Plus, it’s not like Fallon is Mike Wallace.

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