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Watch Tracy Morgan And Jimmy Fallon's Funny Reading Of Twas The Night Before Christmas

Those craving Tracy Morgan will most likely see the actor at some point during tonight's episode of 30 Rock, but the comedian appeared on Late Night last night to sit with Jimmy Fallon for a bit of yuletide fun as the two performed a reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas."

The holidays have arrived on Late Night, which means Christmas-themed segments, including the one featuring host Jimmy Fallon and special guest Tracy Morgan last night (via EW). This reading might be a different version of the classic Christmas story that you may have heard. While Fallon read the story more formally titled "A Visit from St. Nicholas," Tracy Morgan sat next to him and offered his own colorful commentary of the story. Check it out ahead.

"Not one of them asked me for a sugar plum. By the way, I know a pimp named Sugar Plum."

"8 tiny reindeer. Ha-ha-ha-ha. That's hi-lah-rious!"

In addition interjecting with his own thoughts on the story as Fallon read the tale, Morgan also nicknamed the reindeer, referenced a poem he wrote called "Chimneys are like Brick House Penises" (causing Fallon to break momentarily), and referenced the obese twins featured in the Guinness Book of World records.

It's not like any other reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas we've ever heard. Except for maybe John Malkovich's version shared in his opening monologue for Saturday Night Live, which included creepy interjections about kids getting their toes cut off by Santa…