Angel Eyes

In the dark, terror is everything. In the dark, no one can see your fear of... commitment?

Angel Eyes tells the tale of a tough as nails big city cop, played with a noticeable lack of flair by Jennifer Lopez, and her newfound love interest Catch, played with tender loving care by Jim Carviel, as both grapple and try to come to grips with their clouded pasts. In a sense, I suppose Angel Eyes is some sort of Romance/Drama, but its presentation and tone is that of a Mystery/Thriller. In that weird blending of romance, tension, and fear, Angel Eyes is almost a success.

Accented by a tense and foreboding score, Angel Eyes keeps its audience watching for the boogie man, when there's nothing there to fear. As Catch searches for answers to coping with his past, the Hobbit found himself expecting him to snap and begin a cannibalistic killing spree, when the only answer Catch is really searching for is love. And as JLo lets this strange and kind man into her life, the only thought on this Hobbit's mind was how long it would be till Catch turned up wielding a knife.

Perhaps Angel Eyes might have been better off had it spent more time giving audiences answers, instead of sending them off searching for spooky red herrings. Yet if not for the confusing and mysterious tones, terrifying music, and somewhat disturbing camera angles amidst a sea of kindness and love, the film would have put audiences to sleep.

As it is, the overtly tense mood and scary misdirection works, and actually serves to intensify the problems faced by the film's uniquely challenged characters. In this case, creative direction and good acting actually manages to make up for what is a pretty hum drum script.

The Hobbit's only lingering question is where did they hide JLo's ass?

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