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"Not everybody's going to make it down, and not everybody's going to live through this Grounder attack." This, according to The 100's Supervising Producer Dean White and Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg. I'm thinking we might have guessed as much on both counts. Talk of the ark breaking up upon entry into the Earth's atmosphere all but guarantees that at least some of the people on the ship aren't going to survive the landing. Meanwhile, the Grounders are coming after Clarke and Bellamy's group.

The above video gives us another look at what's in store for the season finale of The 100. That includes a peek at the tension on the Ark as they prepare for their rough arrival on Earth. Here's what we know from the episode description for "We Are Grounders Part II"...

Clarke is going to be getting Bellamy to "do the right thing" in anticipation of the conflict with the Grounders. And by that, we're assuming that she's pleading for him to take the group and make a run for it. Bellamy seems to be leaning more toward stand-and-fight. My guess is that it'll either be Bellamy's way, with the 100 facing off against the Grounders, or it'll be a combination of both. They try to run but end up fighting anyway. Either way, a fight is going to happen. And that Tristan dude seems pretty scary.

We also know that Raven and Jasper are going to "work against time," which I'm guessing has something to do with building new explosives or some other device to fight against the Grounders. And Finn will make a "bold move," which we've predicted previously will put his life in danger, and may have to do with his feelings of guilt/frustration over how things left off with Clarke. He told her he loved her, she told him he broke her heart. So where do they stand? I think Finn will feel like he needs to prove himself to Clarke, or at least make up for how quickly things fell apart for them once Raven arrived.

Finally, "the situation on the Ark comes to a stunning conclusion." And once again, I can't help but flashback to that amazing Battlestar Galactica scene when -- Battlestar Galactica spoiler alert! -- Galactica jumps into New Caprica's atmosphere and plummets toward the planet while the vipers launch. Except in the case of The 100, the Ark won't be jumping in and out. It'll be breaking apart as it crashes down on Earth. I really hope the word "stunning" in the episode description isn't an oversell there, because it sounds like that could be an incredible (and potentially devastating) scene for the last episode of Season 1 of The 100!

The 100 airs Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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