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Things are flying high and heading up, up, and away from the Mad Men we once knew. Given that the AMC series is exactly one month away from premiering its seventh and final season we are in (cue the musical intro) the final countdown (dun-na-nuh-nun, dun-na-nuh-nuh-nun) mode. But it seems as though things (and times) are a-changing for the familiar faces of Sterling Cooper & Partners, and they’re all headed out to Cali-forn-i-a — as evidenced in 4 new snaps.

Naturally all of this travel and transition, heading into the first half of the final season (because splitting it up is a thing now. Thanks a lot, Breaking Bad) has us scratching our heads. Why are they all heading to California? What does this mean for SC&P? And, in particular, what the heck does this mean for main mad man, Don Draper? Let’s take a look at the photos and speculate, shall we? Starting with the one above, look at Don (Jon Hamm), looking down intensely at the news while Peggy, his heir apparent, looks up at out, equal parts determination and wistfulness in her stare. She’s look up, out, and ahead, whereas Don’s got his head stuck in the recent past as they wait to board the plane to their next destination. Deep and metaphorical!


Peggy’s leading the pack of men lined up behind her in this shot on the airplane. Look at Stan’s ridiculous jacket, and Ginsberg looking nervous as shit. (Would we expect any less?) And, of course, we must mention Harry Crane’s ridiculous ascot. The boys are peacocking way more than Peggy. Perhaps they’re a bit insecure with the fact that a woman is ruling the roost.


Hold onto your lady, Mr. Draper, because she’s about to take off, and you’ve only just landed (Say it with me now: OoooOOoooOOoooh!).


Well, there’s not much to say here beyond “oh good! Roger’s still alive!” and, of course: even though everything’s changing, some things will always remain the same. Oh Roger you scallywag!

Mad Men’s seventh and final season returns to AMC Sunday, April 13th at 10PM.

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