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After so many years of silence, the deadites returned to our lives last year for the magnificent horror-comedy Ash vs Evil Dead, but even though it's only been seven months since Season 1 came to a close, the wait for more feels as torturous as ever. The chisel-faced gods are smiling down on us today, though, as a trailer for Season 2 has been released, and it looks to be bloodier than anything else on TV. Grab a towel and check it out!

So much awesomeness in such a short amount of time, and almost all of it was covered in slimy red goo. Knowing just how much Bruce Campbell doesn't like getting drenched in sticky fake blood for all things Evil Dead-related, I cannot imagine that he was always smiling when he left the Ash vs Evil Dead set for the day. But I think a million fans' smiles come fairly close to equaling one Bruce Campbell smile in this situation.

If you were looking for any actual plot descriptions, this probably wasn't the trailer for you, although I'm sure Kelly slamming an ax down on some ghoul's head is integral to the narrative, as is all of the gory mess that followed. There were tons of fabulously disgusting moments in Season 1, with that first episode laying out the grisly aesthetic quite exquisitely, and this is a great way to let horror buffs know that no one is changing the formula.

But aside from all things visceral, Season 2 is going to really open up Ash's past for audiences to dig into. No, not the entire strange and immeasurable span of time that passed between Army of Darkness and Season 1, but rather the life that Ash had before he ever went into that damned cabin with his friends. We'll get to meet the family patriarch Brock Williams, as played by the iconic Lee Majors, as well as Ash's best friend from his childhood, Chet Kaminski (Ted Raimi). Romance could also be in the air (unless that's just a weird smell coming off the pile of bodies), as Michelle Hurd will show up as Ash's high school sweetheart.

Now, we return you to your regularly scheduled display of all things visceral.

ash vs evil dead bloody

Anyone else thirsty for a goblet of chunky red wine?

No specific release date is set just yet for Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2, although we will likely get to see it premiere at some point in October, since Season 1 debuted on Halloween. I would personally go for something sooner, but the last time I held the Necronomicon, I turned all the coffee in my house to decaf, so I'll just let the premiere date cards fall as they may.

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