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Some people look at TV weather forecasts as a dependable way to plan things according to the whims of Mother Nature, while others look at them as canvasses on which to paint a smorgasbord of pop culture references into otherwise average info-based segments. British personality and social media star Sian Welby is known for being a pun-thusiast in her Channel 5 weather reports, and her latest target was the Ghostbusters franchise. Check it out! (Note to self: change to "smor-ghouls-bord." Nailed it.)

That's seriously some next-level wordplay all over that video, and now I'm suddenly hoping that Sian Welby, Eminem, Noam Chomsky, Saul Williams and Kevin Nealon will start up a supergroup. I have no idea what kind of supergroup, however. This is for them to decide.

Anyway, back to the brilliance of this video. In just less than a minute, Welby Vigo-es ape with so many unwinking nods that I'd feel dumb wagering a guess for the total amount, since I'd probably be way off. For every in-your-face "don't cross the streams" remark, there's something less obvious (but still mostly obvious) such as "like a pro. Tons of heavy showers" or "showers Goza-way tonight." It's good I'm not in public, because I'm actually giggling. Still.

It isn't just movie characters and concepts getting namechecked, either, although there are a lot more of those that pop up. ("Clouds will Stay-Puft today.") Welby also gets several cast members into the mix - "The Raimis _coming later." and "Don't _Murray," to name a couple - and the director behind the reboot also has his time to shine. Feig-ure it out, guys!

And because of Welby's lovely accent, it's not even clear if she's saying Parker, as in Ray Parker Jr. of the iconic theme's fame, or an actual parka. Okay, so I KNOW she's saying Parker, but therein lies Welby's advantage over the rest of the world's population who can't naturally make Parker and parka sound the same. She is the one.

You might recall hearing Sian Welby's fantastical forecasts in the past when she took aim at other highly anticipated blockbusters like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can catch the latter video below.

Ghostbusters will storm into theaters on Friday, July 15, and we're betting that there will be some naysayers out there who think Welby's report was funnier. But it doesn't look nearly as good in 3D.

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