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We're still a few months away from watching the full aftermath of Arrow Season 4, which put Team Arrow in a very complicated place, with members coming and going without a whole lot of good vibes surrounding them. And when Season 5 gets here, it looks like we'll be watching a somewhat different team rise up from the ashes. Check out the first trailer for Season 5 below!

Hot damn. There are a whole lot of emotions happening in this trailer, especially with Laurel on her death bed, but there is definitely a sense of fun and comedy at play as well. At least in the present. Those Russian fight club flashbacks look a little more heavy in tone, and the flesh tone of Oliver's face was a nice shade of bruise in those moments. BIFF! POW! ZLARK!

The biggest part of this trailer, though, is watching Felicity and Oliver work together to bring together a new team, now that Diggle and others have (temporarily) left it all behind. Not only do we get to see Curtis Holt (soon-to-be Mr. Terrific) start to realize his potential as a hero, but we also get our first look at Rick Gonzales as the new vigiliante Wild Dog and we get to see Season 4's Evelyn Sharp also build up her villain-thwarting skillset.

Star Stephen Amell spoke with me and other outlets during Comic-Con and shared this tidbit about why this new team formation is coming together.

The season starts with Felicity wants a new team. Because Oliver is out there on his own and as a result, he's being a shit mayor because he doesn't have any time. Oliver wants the old team to come back. He wants John to come back. He wants Thea to come back. And the first couple of episodes are really wrestling with the idea 'are they going to come back?' and we go from there.

And let's not lie to one another. Watching Curtis completely fail on the salmon ladder is a hoot. Who does this guy think he is? I think he still did it better than I could, though.

salmon ladder arrow

We also get a short look at Walking Dead star Chad Coleman, who will be playing an imposing gangster who makes Star City life all the rougher. And in case having new characters around made you think that the show would forget about its core cast, think again. We don't see very much from Diggle or Thea or Papa Lance, but they do show up. And we all know they're just going to all get the band back together one day soon, right?

With characters both new and old, Arrow will return to The CW for Season 5 on Wednesday, October 5, at 8 p.m. ET. To see everything else coming to the small screen later this year, check out our fall preview schedule.

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