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There are many fans out there (and presumably many AMC execs) that wholeheartedly hope The Walking Dead will continue to be a part of their lives for as long as there is a medium to get the stories out there. And believe it or not, there's the possibility that both versions of The Walking Dead, the comic book and the TV series, could end their respective tales simultaneously. Here's how star Andrew Lincoln put it when asked how long the show would last.

I mean, the comic book's still going, and Scott Gimple said that maybe there was an opportunity to finish the comic book and finish the TV series at the same time, which would be kind of cool. So, you should probably ask Robert Kirkman.

Asking Robert Kirkman likely wouldn't get a very straightforward response, but it would have been great if someone had called him up on the spot to get some kind of legit clarification on this mildly outlandish concept. Not that I think Andrew Lincoln would be lying in saying that showrunner Scott Gimple was talking about the possibility of the show and comic ending at the same time; I just can't imagine Kirkman would want to add that kind of extensive timing and planning to his already heavy workload.

Lincoln dropped this little bombshell during IMDb News' Comic-Con interview between Kevin Smith and other Walking Dead cast members Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who may have given up some spoilers), Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun. Sadly, none of those guys would be able to vet for that claim, especially the newbie Morgan. Is it really possible that longtime fans would lose out on both of these sides of the franchise in one fell swoop?

One thing is for sure: either the respective projects would need to end at extremely different points in the overall narrative, or the AMC show would need to really smash together a huge chunk of the source material's events to push ahead for end-times synchronization that doesn't require AMC to keep the show on the air for another six or seven years. It took the show six years to get to The Walking Dead's 100th issue, which came nine years into the comic's run. There have been 56 issues since that point, which would average out to another three years or so at the current rate of progress, which means another 36 issues. And so on, until it all comes together for a happy or depressing ending. Or doesn't.

For the moment, I'd like to just think about having The Walking Dead around for as long as possible, both on the page and the screen. After all, there's a war brewing in both worlds, and we'll get a chance to see Negan (and Ezekiel) in full glory when Season 7 hits AMC on Sunday, October 23. Check out the awesome new trailer and to see everything else hitting the small screen later this year, head to our fall TV schedule.

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