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One of the biggest movie stars to ever grace the silver screen, Robert De Niro has very rarely brought his talents to TV series, save for a couple of comedic cameos. But that could all change soon if the world keeps spinning in the right direction, as De Niro is rumored to be part of a TV package deal that also includes Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore and Oscar-nominated director David O. Russell. Calling all networks that want Emmy nominations, now is your time to shine.

At this point, we're dealing with unofficial Hollywood murmurings, so take it all with the grains of salt that you will, but when it comes to this trio, rumors are more exciting than shows that already exist. According to Deadline, the hard-to-find details have the show set in the 1990s, and it will reportedly be a crime thriller involving cops. Join me in chanting "Heat!" for the next ten minutes, will you?

The project doesn't have a home yet, but I bet assistants are already slipping in the pools of saliva forming below network execs' mouths. To be expected, broadcast networks are reportedly being left out of consideration, with cable channels and streaming services far more likely to net a deal. And that deal could actually be worked out ahead of time, as it's stated those involved are seeking out guaranteed commitments before there's even an attempt to shop it around. That's rare, and certainly speaks to the big names involved.

It is also supposedly being set up to last multiple seasons, although it's not clear whether those would be connected or part of an anthology format. Starz, Netflix, FX, AMC and HBO have all been known to drop multi-season orders on series in the past, and this is one that would likely garner the kind of attention that would make such dedication worth it.

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While this wouldn't be Julianne Moore's first trip in front of the camera for TV, it would be her biggest yet. She's probably most known for her recurring gig on 30 Rock as Alec Baldwin's love interest Nancy, though she was also in the TV movie Game Change and her early career featured a stint on As the World Turns. On the feature side, she was seen by the most people in the second two installments of the Hunger Games franchise, and she's currently filming Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Robert De Niro, who was in both of Russell's last films Joy and American Hustle, hasn't been keeping audiences all that happy in theaters. (Dirty Grandpa was just a dream, right?) But he's got promising projects in the pipeline, such as the Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone and Taylor Hackford's The Comedian. He will also star as Bernie Madoff in the upcoming HBO movie The Wizard of Lies. Perhaps that HBO connection, along with Moore's Game Change connection, will land this show there. (One of his two cameos was on HBO's Extras, while the other was 30 Rock, linking him and Moore together there as well.)

Fun fact: other David O. Russell leading lady Amy Adams also recently landed a big TV role for the adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. Not as fun fact: we have no idea when we'll get anymore information about Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore knocking our socks off on TV in the future. But stay tuned, because we will bring it to you if and when it comes out.

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