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How I Met Your Mother's Creators Have A New Show Coming, Get The Details

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One of life's golden rules is that if you create a hit sitcom that brings in huge ratings for years, you're probably going to be given another chance to replicate that success. Such is the case with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, the duo who created CBS' long-running How I Met Your Mother, as they have a brand new show pitch that has been granted a pilot production commitment. Where at? CBS, of course.

Don't expect this new show to be anything like the friend-heavy flashbacks of How I Met Your Mother, either. Currently untitled, this new comedy project would center on a couple in their 20s - she's Izzy, he's Chris - who have their lives completely turned upside down not only by their newborn daughter, but also the meshing of their vocal and boisterous families. One side is Puerto Rican, and the other is Italian, so you just know the dinner table scenes are going to be madness...and also filled with amazing food. One hopes that the casting team gets some authentic Puerto Ricans and Italians for this gig if it comes together, so that we don't have to sit through a whole bunch of actors' terrible fake accents on a weekly basis.

At this point, the pilot production commitment isn't a guarantee that this show will make it to your TVs at any point in the future. But CBS apparently won out on a competitive bidding war with ABC for the project, so even if the network isn't immediately ordering it up, there is clearly some major interest in putting this thing together. And it isn't just Bays and Thomas involved, either.

guy code

The plot for the new project was conceived by comedian Chris Distefano (seen above), according to Deadline. (You might Distefano from MTVs Guy Code and Girl Code, as well as the short-lived IFC comedy Benders.) Fans of the stand-up comic have heard him talking about his family before - he's an Italian American who married a Puerto Rican woman and had a kid - so it's probably not a shock that he's behind the pitch. Distefano will be co-writing the pilot's script with Bays and Thomas, and he will also serve as an executive producer.

Bays Thomas Productions, the duo's company, locked up a lucrative overall deal with Sony TV last year, and this will hopefully be that deal's first big success. It probably won't wipe the nasty taste out of everyone's mouths after that disappointing finale for How I Met Your Mother, which is widely considered one of the worst of all time. But as long as the episodic structure doesn't revolve around an unseen character, it should be fine.

We'll probably be waiting a while to hear what happens with this new project about loud families, but there are thankfully a whole bunch of TV shows already out there to get into in the meantime. To find out what they are, check out our fall TV schedule.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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