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Viewers waited a long time for Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's small screen of Michael Crichton's Westworld to HBO, but once it got here last weekend, all the waiting and anticipating was worth the effort by far. And now, in complete contrast to that patience-draining ordeal, HBO is giving fans access to the second episode early, along with the premieres of new series Divorce and Insecure, and all subscribers have to do is head to HBO Go, HBO Now, or the network's On Demand listings. Hopefully this isn't just to make us feel better about finding out that we're all just predetermined cogs in someone else's fantasy.

Westworld got off to an encouraging start for HBO, especially for something in the heady sci-fi subgenre, but putting the episode out early isn't exactly the network rewarding fans for their views. It is far more likely that HBO is putting the second episode of Westworld out ahead of time because the TV competition during its airtime is pretty stiff, to say the least. Ed Harris' devious Man in Black will be stalking around the central part at the same time the second Presidential debate will take place on a plethora of different channels across the dial.

If you weren't aware, last week's first debate between candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drew in a whopping 84 million people in total viewers across all the different networks. The Walking Dead will be a formidable enough timeslot opponent when it premieres later this month, but that's ridiculous. Westworld brought in 3.3 million people on its premiere night on both linear TV and the online platforms, which was right up there with the first season premiere of True Detective. Impressive, sure, but big enough to stop HBO from coming up with a backup plan to counter the debate's ability to draw people in. And everybody likes early releases.

As previously stated, Westworld isn't the only new HBO series that's getting the early bird treatment. Divorce, the comedic drama from creator Sharon Horgan, has its series premiere available on the network's usual outlets, and viewers can watch Sarah Jessica Parker's return to TV to play a woman trying to turn her life around after the titular life event. It also stars Thomas Haden Church, Molly Shannon, Talia Balsom and Tracy Letts, among others. As well, the premiere for the comedy Insecure (from Larry Wilmore and Issa Rae) is available to view, and in it, Rae and co-star Yvonne Orji are two black female friends coping with conflicts and situations both universal to everyone and exclusive to black culture.

So remember, if you're going to be watching the debate, football or anything else on TV on Sunday night, be sure to head to one of HBO's different media platforms soon to watch Westworld's "Chestnut" early; otherwise, you'll still be able to find it on HBO at its normal time of 9:00 p.m. ET, followed by Sarah Jessica Parker's Divorce and Issa Rae's Insecure. And to see when everything else is coming to the small screen, check out our fall TV schedule.

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