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Donald Trump has been dealing with backlash related to a leaked video of the former reality host making disparaging remarks towards women for a few days now. The video features him making over-the-line remarks alongside former Access Hollywood reporter Billy Bush, and that behind-the-scenes video might not be the last footage of the Presidential candidate that goes too far. In fact, a new report alleges that there is plenty of similarly untoward commentary from Donald Trump that could be released from his time on Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. In fact, Mark Burnett could be the only person who is stopping that footage from seeing the light of day.

Here's what we know. A few days ago, the AP reported that some of the men and women who worked on The Celebrity Apprentice during Donald Trump's run on the show have alleged the Presidential candidate behaved as if he were "on a construction site" ogling at women on set. Others have said he was constantly gawking at women and making awkward comments about them while on the set of the NBC drama. One comment said the basic gist of Trump's personality is this:

You're looking kind of hot today, I love that dress on you,' then he would turn to one of the male cast members and say, 'Wouldn't you sleep with her?' and then everyone would laugh.

As of yet, no actual footage from the show has surfaced, and Buzzfeed spoke to a source that believes Mark Burnett is shielding Donald Trump and "will sue" anyone on the show who leaks footage.

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It's no secret that Donald Trump spent a good chunk of the last decade acting as the host of Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. The network distanced itself from the man as he kicked off his political career, but Celebrity Apprentice is still very much a viable property for NBC, and will be kicking off a new cycle with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the head in 2017. It wouldn't be good press for Mark Burnett or NBC if a slew of anti-Donald Trump information came out just as Celebrity Apprentice was preparing to release the latest cycle of the long-running series. The only good news for NBC is that the show has already displaced the Presidential candidate and found a less controversial personality to take his place.

True to this idea, from what we have seen during this election cycle, Mark Burnett has largely stayed out of the political debate. It wouldn't really behoove the executive producer of such popular shows as Celebrity Apprentice and Shark Tank to really take sides. Burnett is in the business of entertainment, and has chosen to stay neutral, probably so as to not polarize anyone who watches any of his programs on television.

We will let you know if any of this alleged footage sees the light of day. In the meantime, you can check out footage from the new version of Celebrity Apprentice. In addition, here's what NBC has coming up on the TV schedule.

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