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Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead below.

The Walking Dead has introduced a slew of characters over the past season and change, as Rick & Co. discovered new locations, new friends and, perhaps most importantly, new threats. It's almost impossible to ever really know someone in the post-apocalypse, and it sounds like the next episode may inspire viewers to view one character in a different light than we have before: Dwight.

A comic character whose introduction to The Walking Dead's live-action universe took an interesting spin, Dwight is one of Negan's upper henchmen, and one with a particular interest in Daryl. Though he technically hasn't done anything to make us think that he's secretly on the up-and-up in any way, TVLine reports that when "The Cell" takes us into Negan's Sanctuary for the first time this Sunday, it "forces us, however reluctantly, to reconsider our opinion" of the scarred-up Savior. Which means the show might indeed be putting Dwight on the road to his source material counterpart.

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Speaking of "on the road," that's metaphorically just about the only place we've seen Dwight. He was introduced after Daryl came across him and others in the woods as they were on the run from other Saviors. He apparently decided to re-join Negan's army not long after stealing Daryl's vehicle and belongings, and was responsible for injuring the fan-favorite character prior to Negan's arrival. Stop wearing other people's clothes, Dwight!

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And while we shouldn't expect Dwight to start the next episode by punching Negan in the dick and burning the Sanctuary down to the ground, there's something inside him that isn't full on board with the way things have been going; all it takes is quick touch of the cheek to understand that. He's more of a loner than a follower, but he's clearly not destined to be alone. I'm not going to completely spoil his comics story for anyone, but suffice to say his relationship with Negan gets stretched to its limits - which may or may not have something to do with the woman Daryl originally found him with - and I cannot wait to see which direction that ends up going on the TV show.

Will he stage a coup against Negan and ride off into the night as a free man? Will he attempt to find an ally in Daryl in order to escape the Sanctuary again, only to once again double cross him? Will his attempts to strike at Negan's leadership be immediately shut down by Lucille? The sky(bound comics series) is the limit.

The Walking Dead will escort us into the Sanctuary on Sunday night for what looks to be a pretty dismal and hazardous experience for Daryl. Here's hoping he'll find an ally in Dwight at some point before he's weakened to the point of no return. Can't we all just get along and love one another?

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