New Westworld Video Attempts To Explain The Timelines Chronologically

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Avid TV viewers will know that it's a good time for television. Between network tv, cable, premium networks, and streaming services, there is a ton of fantastic content available. But because there is so much quality TV airing, it can be hard for new shows to provide us with something new and exciting that we haven't seen before. And then there's HBO's new sci-fi show Westworld. The brand spankin' new series is breaking all the rules of television; from the scope, budget, and deliciously confusing plot, Westworld is like no other series on TV. However, that does make it a bit harder to follow.

Part of what makes Westworld such captivating television is that the audience doesn't really know what's going on. Because of this, fans have been compiling theories as to what exactly is going on both in and outside of the park. A fan recently attempted to piece together the story chronologically, and the results are pretty compelling. Check it out.

Is your head spinning yet? Let's break down what we're being shown by the above fan video, and try to piece together what might be true.

The timeline of Westworld has been one of its most confusing aspects, particularly when it comes to Evan Rachel Woods' Dolores. Dolores is currently on a big adventure with guests William and Logan, yet we also see her speaking with Jeffrey Wright's Bernard throughout. Many fans have been wondering how exactly this works. Is Dolores taken out of the park while she sleeps?

Well, according to this video we're not privy to the two different timelines that we're being shown. What seems like a chronological and straight forward story is actually two timelines, and there's one easy way to tell which timeline you're watching: Westworld's logo. There are two different logos for the park, which help to clarify which timeline we are in. William's timeline is apparently set in the past, as we see the older version of Westworld's logo in the scene when he enters the park for the first time.

This could have serious ramifications for Westworld as a whole. If Dolores' adventure is firmly rooted in the past, then what has she been doing that warrants the extra attention of Bernard? Furthermore, it also questions which timeline the Man in Black's quest for The Maze is set in. If Dolores learned about The Maze in the past, she might be the key to finding out the truth of it all. We learned last episode that Dolores was one of the original hosts, and therefore has programming and loyalty to the unseen Arnold, and he had an obsession with her.

Of course, we'll just have to wait and see where the chips fall as Westworld continues its awesome first season. Be sure to keep it here at CinemaBlend for updates on the series as details become public to us.

Westworld airs Sundays on HBO.

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