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Now that the election is over, many Saturday Night Live fans are wondering if there's a chance we could get more Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump on the show. Well, now we have an answer. Baldwin will actually be playing the president-elect on tomorrow's episode of the late night sketch show.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Alec Baldwin will be making at least one more appearance on SNL, tomorrow night, to play Donald Trump. This certainly comes as good news for the many people who watched SNL in Season 42 and enjoyed the actor's portrayal of Trump. Many fans of the show were surprised when cast member Taran Killam, who had been playing Trump on the comedy, was let go over the summer, and the show cast Baldwin in the recurring role. While Baldwin was no stranger to SNL (he's hosted the show over a dozen times and has made surprise guest appearances before), it did come as a shock that the show would pick someone who was so well known, but not a comedian known for impressions, to play such an important part on the series.

As could be expected from someone who, again, isn't known for impersonating other people, Alec Baldwin wasn't so sure about taking the gig on at first. He actually said no when first asked by Lorne Michaels, who had gotten the idea to ask him to play Trump from their mutual friend Tina Fey over the summer, feeling that Michaels must know someone who could do the job better than he could. At this point, though, it's likely that everyone involved, along with all the fans who enjoyed Baldwin's work as Trump, are glad that he changed his mind and decided to give the impression a go.

SNL has been known for their coverage of presidential candidates and election time shenanigans for quite a while now, and it's coverage that people get excited about when the presidential election comes around every four years. Season 42, with Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, has been killing it ratings wise. The season premiere was the most watched SNL fall premiere in almost a decade, and the 11.8 million viewers of that episode helped the show nab its biggest premiere numbers in a whopping 22 years. As an added kicker, the season opener garnered the largest SNL audience since November of last year, when the actual Donald Trump hosted the show.

So, yeah, it makes total sense that SNL wouldn't want to give up what it's got going for it by leaving Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression behind and trying to find someone new to take on the part. If it ain't broke, there's no reason, right now, for SNL to try to fix it. Baldwin will be back as Trump tomorrow night, with Kristen Wiig taking on hosting duties and The xx performing as musical guest.

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