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We're getting pretty deep into the seventh season of The Walking Dead, which means it's likely that more character deaths are just around the corner. Part of what makes TWD such thrilling television is the idea that your favorite character could be killed off in a moment's notice. We saw this happen in Season 7's brutal premiere, which saw both Glenn and Abraham beaten to death by Negan and his bat Lucille. Things have only continued to decline from there, with many fans wondering if Negan could murder more Alexandria residents soon. Well, it now turns out that two characters aren't dying anytime soon.

The Hollywood Reporter recently did a piece about TV actors' salaries. In the midst of the story, it was revealed that Norman Reedus (Daryl) and Andrew Lincoln (Rick) have both renewed their contracts and received raises through Season 8 of the drama. While it should come to no surprise that Daryl and Rick aren't going anywhere, this detail does change the way we'll watch the rest of Season 7.

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Out of all the characters on The Walking Dead, Daryl is currently in the worst situation. After punching Negan and essentially getting Glenn killed, Daryl was taken captor by The Saviors. And while he could have joined their ranks and lived a comfortable apocalyptic life, Daryl refused to give in to Negan and his cronies out of principle. As such, he's currently living a life of psychological and physical torture, and eating dog food sandwiches in a dark cell.

It seems almost impossible that Daryl should ever escape the Savior compound, especially considering the sheer amount of men that Negan has at his disposal. I was almost certain Daryl would bite the dust by the next finale, but now it appears we'll be seeing everyone's favorite possum eating survivor in Season 8.

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Contracts are a funny thing, though. Even if actors sign on for a certain amount of seasons, they can still be killed off if the team changes their mind. We saw this with Laurie Holden's Andrea, who was shockingly killed at the end of Season 3. Holden signed on for an eight year deal with the AMC drama, but still ended up being killed. Plus, Andrea is one of the biggest characters in the comic series, so it certainly shocked the audience.

It should be interesting to see what sort of hijinks Rick and Daryl get into during the rest of Season 7. Mr. Grimes is at a new low, with no hope as to how he'll possibly fight The Saviors. Luckily, Maggie seems to have strengthened her resolve, and we'll finally see her at The Hilltop in tonight's episode. With The Kingdom now in play as well, perhaps we'll be able to see the various communities that Negan has under his thumb rise up and revolt.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.