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Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been a funny one. With so many different settings, and our characters spread across them, AMC's hit show has largely been utilizing capsule episodes. Instead of ensemble pieces, most episodes have focused on a few characters at a time, with Tara, Carol, and Maggie all getting basically their own episodes. Unfortunately, this has also slowed the show down quite a bit, and we haven't seen an overarching plot, besides that Negan is a total a-hole. But that might change.

A new clip from the midseason finale of The Walking Dead has just hit the internet, and it leaves a mysterious question in the air. Check it out.

Is your mind whirling with possibilities yet? It looks like The Kingdom is about to get relevant, which might be exactly what the show needs to fix their small viewership problem.

In the above scene, we first see Carol and Morgan flirting a bit, only adding to the love triangle between Carol, Morgan, and Ezekiel (sorry Tobin). Season 7 has been sorely missing the cookie lady, so her reappearance is sure to satisfy fans who might be a bit frustrated with her lack of screen time. After revealing that she has tons of food in her little house, she and Morgan are greeted by another Kingdom resident who apparently has something important to discuss with them.

I can only hope that the mystery is about The Kingdom and the other communities finally fighting back against Negan. Throughout Season 7, we've seen that The Saviors are bullying and torturing a variety of communities in the DC area. They all work for Negan, and are expected to provide food and supplies whenever The Saviors ask.

But it stands to logic that all the groups just need to unite in order to free themselves from Negan's tyranny. Between The Hilltop, Alexandria, The Kingdom and possibly Oceanside, they should have enough manpower and resources to eventually win the day. But it's going to take some doing. The groups will need to find a way to communicate and make a plan, which is easier said than done. King Ezekiel is pretty bananas, Gregory from The Hilltop is the worst, and Oceanside wants to just hide in peace.

Then again, the big subject of conversation from the above clip might be something else entirely. Perhaps something is wrong with Ezekiel, or the community wants Carol and Morgan to GTFO. After all, there's probably other people who might want Carol's little cottage.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see what happens in the midseason finale.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.

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