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Sometimes when you're doing something in front of a bunch of famous people, you might screw something up, although that generally applies to non-famous folks. Michael Keaton got to join the rest of us commoners during this year's Golden Globes ceremony both during and following his time announcing Viola Davis' win for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Fences. (Yes, Fences.) And it this.

I've seen better exits in a stadium men's room after a football game, amirite? Hopefully not, because that's just gross, but that was a brilliantly comedic moment from Michael Keaton as the telecast was heading out, as seen above.. He was all smiles as he double-thought following Viola Davis off the stage and he turned around and had a good ol' "hmm" moment before the camera cut away and Keaton's fate became unknown to all of America that wasn't inside the Beverly Hilton tonight.

What if he faded out of existence right after that moment happened? That probably didn't happen, but he might have wanted it to after this performance. Because not only did he have that awkward "I could use a trap door right now" moment, but he also said the wrong name for one of the nominees. Listen below, and you'll hear him call Fences by the name Hidden Fences, obviously making an unnecessary portmanteau with the other frequent nominee Hidden Figures. You can watch that flub below.

After that brilliant stream-of-consciousness intro from host Jimmy Fallon - who tackled his own possible embarrassment in his monologue and did a better job of saving face - and Viola Davis' stellar shout-out to Denzel Washington during her speech, nothing Michael Keaton could have done would have been more memorable in a good way. But botching a critical darling's title and wandering around aimlessly on stage for a while certainly didn't allow him an uneventful time onstage. He just doesn't have this whole awards show thing down just yet. (Remember this?)

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