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For every action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. That was definitely proven true this week in the world of television, with the jubilant glee inspired by Atlanta's big Golden Globes win being replaced by melodramatic anguish now that FX has announced Season 2 of the hilarious comedy won't be coming out in 2017 like we expected, and it has been delayed until 2018. Somebody pass the mic, I'm about to make a mixtape about this.


Thankfully, there aren't any negativity-laced reasons for Atlanta being pushed back to 2018, and the delay is a product of Donald Glover being too damned talented and famous at this point. FX's announcement says that the delay is being caused by "Donald's production schedule," but we know that isn't referring to any Childish Gambino music video shoots or Community comic-con appearances. They're talking about Glover's extremely high-profile casting as Lando Calrissian for Phil Lord and Chris Miller's upcoming Star Wars spinoff centered on Han Solo. With that flick still in pre-production, there's no telling when or how long the actor will be cape-deep in Star Wars filming.

Putting personal distress aside, this news about Atlanta Season 2 is actually pretty solid, as it came coupled with the announcement that creator Donald Glover has entered into an overall deal with FX, meaning audiences are likely going to see a lot more of his comedy on the network by way of other new projects, all while he'll remain spearheading Atlanta's brilliance. Maybe he can talk Disney into letting him bring Lando to his own FX show.

Considering how nuanced and singular Atlanta's societal potpourri is, perhaps there's nothing too harmful in giving Donald Glover more than enough time to create the content for Season 2, ensuring it's of the highest comedic quality. It's not like he has to worry about co-stars Keith Stanfield, Brian Tyree Henry and Zazie Beetz suddenly losing their excellent timing, so it's all about the writing. Working within the Star Wars universe should provide some inspiration for the more surreal elements of Atlanta as well. Perhaps we'll see (not see) an invisible TIE fighter in a scene.

For now, with no new Atlanta episodes coming for at least another year (and then some), we will have to go back to FX's website and mobile apps to relive the ten episodes that already exist. Which is way better than being in a jail's waiting area or listening to appropriated beat poetry inside a mansion. And don't forget to hit up our midseason premiere schedule to see all the things that are indeed premiering this year, at least in the early part.

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