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For almost all of Season 7 so far, The Walking Dead had fan favorite character Daryl Dixon experiencing subservience like never before. But when the show returns for the back half of the season, Norman Reedus is now hinting that Daryl will once again be the confidence-oozing sumbitch that we all know and love. We're definitely pumped to hear it, but I can't help but feel like Daryl back in badass mode will lead to bad things, considering both of his big impulsive actions in Season 7 were less than ideal. Now take this Reedus quote about his character:

He wants revenge. He's ready to fight. When he goes back in that last episode and hands Rick back his stuff, it was like, 'Let's go! Let's go beat this guy up. Let's go take what's ours and fight this monster.' So, you know, he's in kill mode.

Of course Daryl wants to bring a storm of vengeance down on Negan and the Saviors, as regaining his freedom allows for that kind of thinking. But why did Daryl get taken captive by Negan in the first place? Because he was so pissed off about Abraham's death that he tried to immediately avenge it, which then led to Glenn's death. So, that's one moment in which just chilling out would have been fine.

But somehow, that side of it doesn't seem to be on Daryl's mind. He takes the blame for it, sure, but he doesn't take away the overall implications. Here's what else Norman Reedus told EW about Daryl's headspace.

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I feel like he spent his time in the hole thinking about Glenn and thinking about Abraham. He took it very personal, and felt like it was his fault and he was deserving what he was getting. Now he's ready to get revenge. He's ready to go kill everybody.

He's ready to kill everybody, something he proved rather quickly once he escaped the Sanctuary's walls. Without much of a second thought, he channeled his inner Negan and completely bashed in the brains of the possibly non-evil Fat Joseph, who was pleading for his life at the time. At a few points during the season, The Walking Dead dropped subtle hints that Fat Joseph was responsible for keeping walker hordes away from the various communities with an explosion-focused strategy, and now that he's dead, there might not be anyone to continue that plan, which won't be good for anyone.

We could go back into The Walking Dead's past to find other examples of Daryl's rash actions have hurt the team, but those two are fine enough for Season 7 speculation. If Daryl wants to go out and kill somebody, he's going to do it even if Rick tells him not to, and when it happens, I would almost guarantee it inevitably haunting the protagonists in some way. Maybe not in someone's direct death, but it won't be good.

The Walking Dead will bring Daryl's verve back when Season 7 returns to AMC on Sunday, February 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule to see everything else that will be killing it on the small screen in the near future.

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