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If you don't want to know even a hint of what could happen in The Walking Dead's next eight episodes, this is your spoiler warning.

On The Walking Dead, it's extremely common for characters to return from the dead, since it's a total zombie apocalypse out there. Beyond physical reanimation, though, the hit drama has also allowed long-gone characters to make brief returns for special moments here and there, and there are rumors that Season 7 may indeed end on such a notable occasion. One rumor has been floating around about the possible death of Sonequa Martin-Green's Sasha, and seemingly strengthening that angle is the additional rumor that Michael Cudlitz's Abraham makes a temporary appearance in the Season 7 finale.

Now, this definitely sounds like a piece of fan fiction written using crowd-sourced Twitter reactions to Walking Dead's Season 7 premiere. The rumors were reportedly started up over at The Spoiling Dead Fans, which has a track record of being in the middle of the ballpark on Walking Dead moments, so there's some legitimacy to it all. But if Michael Cudlitz reprising Abraham is only a rumor even to Spoiling Dead, and not something that has been confirmed by any of its sources, then we're keeping our grains of salt gathered nearby.

That said, there are some legs to Abraham popping up in a future episode, presumably by dream sequence or other lapse of reality. The rumor first popped up in mid-December when star Sonequa Martin-Green was cast in CBS' highly anticipated Star Trek: Discovery for a lead role, a huge gig that implied her days on The Walking Dead are numbered. And while some wild rumors of this sort get immediately debunked, this one remains a possibility, and a rather sensible one, all things considered.

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After all, Abraham's death was immediately preceded by his final message to her, so that's undoubtedly on her mind whenever she thinks about him. And while Sasha's death would already be memorable and important, something that would really take it over the top is Michael Cudlitz's return, however tiny. You'll no doubt recall that Sasha's brother, Tyreese, experienced his own hallucinations of deceased characters whenever he'd been bitten in Season 5, which allowed for Emily Kinney to give audiences a few more seconds with fan favorite Beth. Maybe it runs in the family.

With lots more living bodies than dead ones taking control of the storyline, The Walking Dead will return to AMC on Sunday, February 12, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Let us know in the comments if you guys want to see Abraham return, or if you think the show would do better by leaving him out of it. To see when everything else is coming back to your TVs, head to our midseason premiere schedule.

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