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Ever since the beloved cartoon series Samurai Jack concluded in 2004 with an open ending, fans have begged for some sort of continuation of Jack's story. At first, it seemed like a movie might be the answer to that but, instead, we're getting an entirely new season! The fifth season will serve as a conclusion to Samurai Jack, finally wrapping up 13 years later. Today, we've got a brand new teaser for the anticipated season, and, though brief, it does more than enough to spread the hype. Check it out below.

Nothing says it better than Jack's back. The new teaser for Season 5 of the acclaimed animated series is relatively simple but it certainly can't be beat in the badass department. The teaser shows a silhouetted Jack in a dark rain, his magical sword the only source of light. Then he slices through the rain to reveal the Jack's Back title card and the premiere date for the new season. The teaser ends with a reveal of Jack's classic stoic face, hair blowing in the wind, as lighting cracks in the background. It's certainly light on any relative footage from the season, but it just leaves more to look forward to when March rolls around.

Samurai Jack charts the journey of a young samurai and his quest to destroy the evil Aku. When Jack was a boy, Aku, a shape-shifting master of darkness, attacked Jack's home in feudal Japan, taking over the entire land. Jack escaped and went on a Batman-esque journey around the world to learn the various skills needed to slay Aku and free the land. Now a young man and a legendary warrior, Jack, armed with his magic sword, attacked Aku. Before he could strike the final blow, Aku tore open a portal in time, flinging Jack into the future where Aku's evil is law. The series followed Jack as he journeyed around the world looking for a way back to the past while fighting Aku's robotic henchmen and various other evils.

Season 5 will take place a few years after the last episode, and will find Jack wearier and feeling less heroic. A lot of drama went down in the years we didn't see and the fifth season is said to be a redemption story for Jack. The show will thus be a bit grittier with more mature elements to reflect Jack's new state. The season will tell one cohesive story, with each episode having a reveal that unravels a mystery of the series.

Series creator Genndy Tartakovsky returns with the new season as well as the original voice of Jack, Phil Lamarr. Samurai Jack finally returns when it airs on Adult Swim's Toonami block on March 11, 2017.