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Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead has been a bit divisive. Because despite the fantastic premiere and midseason finale, and the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villainous Negan, viewership dropped quite a bit. This is likely due to the capsule episodes, which created a pacing issue for the current season. But one of the highlights of Season 7 was Christian Serratos' Rosita, who finally came into her own as a leading character of the series. We saw Negan's affect on our heroes through mostly Rosita and Rick's eyes, allowing the formerly tertiary character to command scenes and move the overall plot forward.

But in reality Christian Serratos is just a normal person like you and me, meaning she too can get the crap scared of out of her. Serratos recently experienced Universal Studio's Walking Dead attraction, and her experience in the zombie apocalypse didn't prepare her for the scares. Check it out.

I mean, this video is pretty great. While Rosita is one of the most badass ladies on The Walking Dead, the actress is not quite as icy and strong. Instead she screams when a walker approaches, like the rest of us.

Christian Serratos starts her journey through the Walking Dead experience with Season 1, at the hospital which Rick woke up in. We see the signature doors reading "Don't Open, Dead Inside", complete with some zombie hands attempting to get through. While she seemed to be keeping it together, a great jump scare involving a walker got her screaming. And she basically didn't stop until the experience was over.

As the exhibit moves through the seasons of The Walking Dead, Christian Serratos begins to slowly unravel and hold onto her friend's hand with white knuckles. The scares keep on coming through key Walking Dead settings including The Prison and cannibalistic Terminus before the actress finally makes it out of the attraction in one piece. There, she admits that she essentially blacked out after they got to The Prison. She's even seen wiping a tear from her face from all the laughing and screaming.

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While Christian Serratos might not be exactly built for the zombie apocalypse, Rosita is made of steel at this point. Throughout Season 7, she has had absolutely one thing on her mind: revenge. While the majority of Alexandria (including Rick) seemed defeated by Negan and The Saviors, Rosita was determined to kill the charismatic leader. Her badassery reached an all-time high during the midseason finale, when Ro Ro tried to finally take him out. And when threatened with Arat's knife, she leaned into the blade and scarred herself. What a queen.

The Walking Dead will return to AMC this Sunday, February 12th.