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The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Title May Hint At A Major Comic Moment Going Down

Spoilers for the latest episode of The Walking Dead are below, as are details from the corresponding arc in the comic books.

When it comes to manufactured battles, sports headlines have embraced UFC great Conor McGregor fighting boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, while TV fans are anxiously anticipating the upcoming Rick vs. Negan war on The Walking Dead. So far, it's been a one-way stream of Savior mayhem pouring down on Team Family, but a massive retaliation is coming, though we don't quite know when. Today brought the title reveal for Season 7's final episode, though, and it appears to be a big hint that some major damage is coming. Check it out.

Episode 7.16 - Do It Now

Walking Dead episode names don't follow specific patterns with it comes to their meanings, though showrunner Scott Gimple and his creative team clearly give the titles a lot of thought. But the title in this case, as reported by SpoilerTV, "Do It Now" sounds a lot like a signature Gimple remix of Negan's cry to The Saviors that kicked off a huge attack on Alexandria and set the All-Out War in its deadly motion. This sequence of events that stands out as one of the best on the page, and though Negan's rallying cry was a single word there, it's not a stretch to believe it'll happen that way, thus corresponding up with my desire for this episode to be the one where everything goes kablooie.

negan attack walking dead comic

Everything leading up to this explosive brawl between the Saviors and the Alexandrians was set in motion by Comic Holly, and it's been speculated that Sasha will be taking on a modified version of Holly's role in everything. Regardless of whether that arc-tethered adaptation goes into effect or not, the title for Episode 15 is another clue that the end of Season 7 is heading straight for Negan's attempted razing of the Safe Zone. And it also involves a twisting of the comic dialogue.

The first issue of the All-Out War storyline opens with Andrea half-declaring and half-asking Rick "So today's the day?"AMC's The Walking Dead gave its penultimate Season 7 episode the title "And Here We Are," which would be the less inquisitive way to share that feeling. Considering how much Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman have flipped up the story elements in the lead-up to Rick and Negan butting heads, it wouldn't take much for them to port things accordingly, even if things aren't sequentially identical to the original story. And, obviously, Michonne would be the one making that statement, since Andrea has been dead for ages.

Not much has been said about The Walking Dead's finale just yet, though one star did offer up some enthusiasm for it recently. And during the production in Georgia, reports surfaced claiming explosions were heard while filming was happening, which matches up nicely. That said, though, it's entirely possible Negan could bring his hellfire and brimstone to Hilltop Colony or The Kingdom, with "Do It Now" referring to something else entirely. But I'm skeptical to think it's unrelated.

With just under a month to go until that Season 7 finale gets here, The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out how the show's current Eugene plot compares to the comics, and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's on the way.

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