Seinfeld's Jason Alexander Will Play Himself For A Unique New Show

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When you're a lead cast member on one of the biggest shows in television history, you're always going to have people comparing your career during and after that show. Luckily, for the cast of Seinfeld, those stories have been mostly positive. Creator Larry David and actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus have found success on HBO, Jerry Seinfeld is still thriving with whatever he touches, and Jason Alexander has a new show on the way. (Michael Richards, well...) Perhaps taking a page out of his friend Larry's book, Alexander will be playing himself in Freeform comedy titled Dinner With Dad.

Dinner With Dad, which premieres on Freeform's website and Hulu today, is a digital short-form series featuring Jason Alexander and his real-life son, actor Gabe Greenspan. In the series, Alexander and Greenspan played slightly exaggerated versions of themselves as each episode revolves around the two's discussions over dinner in a deli. Typically, the episodes have something to do with Alexander talking with his son about show business, both of their careers, as well as general father-son talk. The first episode of the short comedy is already up. Read on for more about that.

Deadline tells us Dinner With Dad is the first father-son project for Jason Alexander and Gabe Greenspan, who wrote the series together. Prior to the project, Greenspan has been known for improv comedy duo "The Idiot Chimney" in the L.A. area, while Jason has found consistent work in voice acting. Many may remember that even prior to Seinfeld, Alexander was working in various roles for series like Duckman and Dinosaurs. In terms of on-screen acting, Alexander recently appeared on the now-canceled Fox series The Grinder. This is also not the first time Jason Alexander has played himself in a series, as he also had a stint doing the same thing on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The Seinfeld comparisons are hard to avoid with anyone who was formerly in the series, and the first episode goes right ahead with them. The show is mentioned pretty frequently in the first episode and it's hard not to notice the connection that Jason Alexander and his son are having in-depth discussions in a deli diner much like the guys in Seinfeld. I'm sure Alexander answers questions on a daily basis regarding the show, so it's likely just white noise these days. Good to see he's not one of those actors who gets bothered when people reference his most iconic roles.

While the series isn't airing on traditional television, from what I've seen it's still very entertaining and worth your time if you're searching out a good comedy. It's also cool to see Jason Alexander teaming up with his son and collaborating on a project, as it's always fun when related actors/actresses get the chance to do so. Check out Episode 1 of Dinner With Dad on the next page, and check out our midseason premiere guide for more great television!

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