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*Spoilers below if you haven't watched the latest episode of _The Walking Dead_. *

While it's understandable, given her recent outlook on life, Carol has been sticking to The Walking Dead sidelines within her private house outside The Kingdom, but that sheltered existence is thankfully coming to an end. Early on in the deadly "Bury Me Here," Carol seemed wary of Daryl's previous claim that Alexandria was free from Negan's wrath, and that paid off in the end, when Morgan lucidly confessed the various tragedies that had occurred. But if you're thinking Carol wants revenge, think again. Here's how actress Melissa McBride says her character feels about the lie.

When Morgan reveals what happened, she immediately remembers [Daryl] at the table saying what he said and realizes why he said what he said. Also, in the moment when Morgan reveals that and she's pulling it all together, she realizes without a doubt this is what she has to do now. I don't think there's any ill feelings toward Daryl for lying. There's complete and total understanding, and if not a little guilt on her part for putting him in that merciful position to do what he did and tell her that everyone was okay.

Wow, that's an extremely kind and forgiving way of looking at things, although it's not entirely unforeseen. Carol and Daryl are as close to BFFs as The Walking Dead has to offer, so any situation where she is legitimately pissed at him would need to be far more damaging than him lying to spare her feelings. I think Daryl probably could have gotten away with killing Spencer himself and Carol would have swept it under a rug or two after helping him bury the body.

the walking dead daryl and carol talking

After all, it's hard to imagine Daryl doing anything other than lying to her face about the deaths of Glenn, Abraham and the others. Carol was pretty explicit in explaining that she wanted to live the life of a recluse so that she could avoid the deadlier elements of the post-apocalypse. I am pretty sure Carol would have been more pissed had Daryl chose that time to get down and dirty with his honesty. It worked when Ezekiel dropped his charade to her, but this is a completely different situation.

And it's a situation that will at last draw Carol out of her shell and bring her back to the forefront of Walking Dead's action sequences, though if Richard's slapdash attempts at justice hadn't gone so sorely wrong, she may never have been informed about any of it. But it happened, and as Melissa McBride told, things are happening just as Carol figured they would.

She's ready to fight. This is what she knew would happen if she found out, which is why she didn't want to know.

Much as we'd all love to shield our loved ones from the hate and horror that the world exudes on a daily basis, it's a futile effort, and in some cases, fighting is far more effective than ignoring. Hopefully Carol finds quick success in her efforts to persuade Ezekiel to join Team Family's quest to take out Negan. Even if, you know, she has to lie to make it happen.

Hopefully no one's pants will be on fire for lying when The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC at 9:00 p.m. ET. Check out more on how last night's big death compares to the comics and then head to our midseason premiere schedule to see what's coming to your TVs soon.

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