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After a surprisingly stop-and-go production process, the highly anticipated sci-fi reworking Westworld finally hit HBO, and many fans forgot what waiting was like as soon as the park started unveiling its dense narrative. I don't think it's a coincidence that it has also felt like four separate eternities since the brooding sci-fi thriller capped off its first season in December. It isn't the biggest bombshell, but today offered up an informational oasis from the sweltering hiatus in the form of a big promotion for actress Talulah Riley, who plays the host Angela.

westworld angela

Even though Angela only had a small amount of Westworld's screen time, you'll almost definitely remember her. Or you'll remember at least one version of her, if not all three that popped up at different points throughout the season. Talulah Riley has been upped from a recurring character to a regular, and her more current role will be a particularly brutal one. According to EW, her revised character description points out that while Angela was in charge of welcoming guests into the park for many years, she'll be "one of the last faces many guests will ever see." Just that little line is a cliffhanger unto itself.

In the early part of the season, Angela showed up as part of the welcome wagon helping new guests looking to start living out their most morbid fantasies. In particular, we got to watch her showing William a few things for that initial entry into his life-long obsession. She's no longer interested in starting things, though. More detailed spoilers are below, for anything still worried about such things.

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Later, Angela (or whatever name) was briefly seen in a straightforward flashback to the years before the park opened, where she was holding a white parasol and walking around Escalante. Neither of those first two bits properly prepared audiences for her third appearance, for which she was feigning being a captive of Wyatt and his weirdo cult in order to fool Teddy and The Man in Black. She ends up unlocking some memories in Teddy about his role in the big massacre, and then she stabs them right out of him. Of course, we got to watch in the finale when Teddy was the one who indeed killed Angela during the massacre as she begged to be saved.

So yeah, we already knew that Angela had some messed up thoughts floating around in that digital matrix of hers, but now we know we'll probably get to see some of all of those sadistic urges come to light , with Talulah Riley set for much more mayhem and blunt force trauma. Bring on the blood! Now if only we knew what everyone else will be up to.

Hopefully Angela doesn't get decommissioned by the time Westworld Season 2 actually does make it to HBO, which will be at some point in 2018. Thankfully, there will be tons of new and returning shows hitting your TVs in the meantime, and you can make plans for a bunch of them with our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide.

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