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This Sunday, it's finally here. The Season 7 finale will finally show the big All-Out War arc that fans of The Walking Dead have anxiously been waiting for. While death and destruction should be enough to keep fans happy, showrunner Scott M. Gimple says another element to the finale will also bring them joy:

Doing it again in the same way isn't what we do. We did a big cliffhanger at the end of season four. We tried to mix it up and not go back to that because there is a definitive conclusion to the end of the season.

That's something Scott M. Gimple has been pretty adament about for weeks now, so don't go thinking he fed THR an April Fool's joke in poor taste. That said, with the All-Out War arc lasting 12 issues in the comics, and plot line would only be just beginning in the finale. So, it's hard to understand how this final episode will truly be conclusive. Seeing as many fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting all season for this war, I think we can all say we want it to last longer than one episode. How they can do that while still offering a conclusive ending to Season 7 remains to be seen.

This may be a bit spoilery to bring up, so cover your eyes if you're nervous, but The Walking Dead comics first battle between Negan and Rick ended with a Walker herd wandering into the Saviors' compound after a great plan by the Survivors. In a Season 7 that has been rough on the crew, I think we can all say we would like to see them come out on top, and this would be a good way to show it- even if the war is not yet over. But before you go popping the champagne, we all know the comics and the television series vary widely, so take any predictions with a grain of salt.

One thing that does seem to be certain amongst The Walking Dead fans is that Sasha is toast. Will she end up using the poison pill Eugene offered after her capture by The Saviors? If not, the resulting torture could reveal a lot about Rick's plan and aide Negan in preparing for the upcoming assault. I don't imagine Sasha will let that happen, so things aren't looking good.

Come tomorrow night at 9 p.m. ET, the world will no longer need to speculate on the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead. If you're of the many fans who will be without a show to follow, be sure to head over to our midseason premiere guide and summer premiere schedule to find another series to obsess over. At least until Season 8 starts.

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