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How Grey's Anatomy Is Using Its Finale To Set Up Season 14

Meredith and Riggs in the gallery

There are long running TV shows, and then there's ABC's Grey's Anatomy. The medical drama is nearing the end of its whopping 13th season, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. The many hardcore Grey's fans have come to anticipate each season's heartbreaking finale episode, which have featured some of the show's most iconic moments. And it turns out that events of Season 13's finale will extend into the next season as well.

Grey's Anatomy executive producer (and cast member) Debbie Allen recently spoke to EW at the Scandal 100th episode party. In addition to hinting at how "explosive" and "on fire" the finale will be, Allen revealed that the events of the episode will affect the future of the series.

I think Season 14 is going to be spectacular. We're planting some seeds that you won't see coming, but you will be waiting to see how it's all going to play out.

And now the question is: what seeds are being planted, and what the heck is going down during the finale?

Grey's Anatomy head honcho Shonda Rhimes seems to be using very specific language when referring to Season 13's finale. In the same interview with EW, Rhimes and Debbie Allen used the phase "on fire" quite a few times to describe the finale, which makes me think that some sort of disaster may be hitting Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. While the hospital and its staff have already survived a bomb, plane crash, and murderous shooter, the whole place hasn't been set aflame just yet.

And what could change the show for Season 14 more than the hospital being shut down? Seeing the doctors stripped of their passion (and occasional distraction) would leave their insecurities and issues exposed. Grey's Anatomy has always equated its surgical residents to children trapped in adult bodies, as their intense schooling apparently left their social development behind. Then again, the show has been going on for 13 years, so they've grown up considerably.

Regardless, Shonda Rhimes seems to believe Season 13's finale episode to be a major tear jerking event. Grey's Anatomy is always at its best when its surgeons are in precarious positions, and we can ugly cry into our popcorn. And while there are quite a few episodes before the finale arrives in May, Debbie Allen did direct the episode. And she's trying to fuel the fire of our Grey's anxieties. She said:

Be worried, because it's that kind of night. It's going to be that kind of a ride.


If this is going to be a finale for the record books, then it make sense that it would greatly affect the following season. We saw this during the previous apocalyptic type events, like Lexie's PTSD following the shooter, or Cristina's nearly catatonic state after the plane crash.

We'll just have to wait and see. You can catch Grey's Anatomy Thursdays on ABC. Be sure to check our summer premiere list and plan your next TV adventure to ugly cry over.

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