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Season 7 of The Walking Dead unleashed a pack of villains on Team Family quite unlike any others in the past, and The Saviors left quite a few victims in their wake. Higher-up enforcer Simon wasn't responsible for any big on-screen kills, but he still managed to become one of the show's most watchable characters, thanks to the jovial menace of actor Steven Ogg, who was promoted to series regular for Season 8. There's no guarantee he'll survive, though, considering Rick and Negan's war, and Ogg has a droll idea for how he'd like Simon to meet his maker.

The best way for Simon to go out? Probably drinking and stumbling out and getting hit by a car or something like that. Something random, like he wasn't killed by a zombie, he wasn't killed by anyone, he was just being dumb. It'd be poetic justice.

There's definitely something poetic about a bourbon-breathed Simon getting struck by lightning or having a tree fall on his head while he's walking around. Admittedly, no one has aggressively accosted Simon in any way, as he always shows up with a pack of Saviors nearby, but it's extremely easy to assume that the tall and domineering baddie would be able to handle his own in a moment of fisticuffs. And he shows no obvious signs of fear, so anybody but Rick or Negan killing him off in an interesting way definitely wouldn't do the character any justice. And as it's implied by his answer during an interview with, he's also too good to get taken down by any of the undead hordes out there. No, Simon should be the reason behind Simon's death.

Audiences totally deserve to watch Simon have himself a good old time with the red-eye in Season 8, since he'd presumably be a hoot, even if he didn't get slammed by a car while bumbling around. Not that we want to think about him dying anyway, since his worth has yet to be revealed as far as the upcoming war goes. Other than Simon, Negan has the side-switching Dwight, the world-weary Gavin, the suspiciously loyal Arat and a handful of other lieutenants. Not exactly the strongest squad, but Simon's death would make the Saviors an even weaker unit.

That said, actor Steven Ogg doesn't have any misconceptions about the way things work on The Walking Dead. He knows death is probably coming at some point, as it goes for all new characters, and it's just another part of the job.

Wise words. With hopefully lots more of Simon to come in Season 8 (and even beyond), The Walking Dead will return to AMC for new episodes at some point later this year. Head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV schedule to check out what's hitting the small screen in the near future.

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