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Comic book-based shows have become hot properties on the small screen in recent years, and we now know that one more is in the works. A Sin City series is in development that will serve as both an adaptation of the comics and a TV reboot of the movies. The show is still rather early in the development process, but we have reason to be optimistic. Glen Mazzara of The Walking Dead is on board as writer.

Glen Mazzara is best known for his work on The Walking Dead. He wrote 7 episodes throughout the first three seasons and worked as showrunner for Seasons 2 and 3 before departing the series altogether. Other TV credits include The Shield and Damien, which was A&E's TV remake of the classic horror film The Omen. Mazzara has small screen experience with comic adaptations, movie reboots, and hit dramas. What more could we want out of a writer for a new Sin City project?

Fans of the comic series have even more reason to be excited than simply Glenn Mazzara signing on. The TV version will follow the graphic novels pretty closely, and it will not simply remake the events of the films on a smaller scale. Original characters and timelines will be introduced. It's not yet clear how the original characters and timelines will mesh with the following of the graphic novels.

The project will be produced by Glen Mazzara, comic scribe Frank Miller, Len Wiseman, and Bob and Harvey Weinstein. Wiseman is on board as director. Given that he has experience on creepy genre series like Sleepy Hollow and Lucifer, I'd say that he's a solid pick to bring the legendary characters of Sin City to life on television.

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It remains to be seen where this new version of Sin City will actually air. Deadline reports that a number of different networks are already showing interest, which isn't too surprising. TV adaptations of comics have found success on broadcast networks, cable channels, and streaming platforms. The odds are good that Sin City will end up either on cable or streaming, if only to allow the grimmer and more violent aspects of the series. AMC has proven with The Walking Dead that shows don't need to air on HBO to get seriously dark, so I could see it ending up anywhere other than the major broadcast networks. Somehow I don't see "ABC presents Sin City!" in the future. We'll have to wait and find out for ourselves.

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