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In order to keep themselves busy in the seriously long wait for the second season of Westworld, fans are posting about mazes on the series' official Reddit page. Mazes are a key source of thematic imagery on the HBO sci-fi drama, but not every picture or tidbit about a maze is post worthy, as one Redditor complained (not unreasonable). Well, Jonathan Nolan, co-creator and co-showrunner of Westworld, disagrees and posted his own picture of a maze on the thread. The only difference here is that Nolan's picture also teased the title to the first episode of Season 2.

Jonathan Nolan both trolled and rewarded fans simultaneously by posting a picture of a maze on a thread complaining about people posting too many maze pictures on Reddit. The co-creator of Westworld also revealed most of the title to the long-awaited first episode of Season 2: "Journey into N---." The final word of the title was obscured by a toy maze (which actually does have some significance on the show), but fans have already deduced that the full title is likely "Journey into Night," which offers some clues about what people are in for when the show eventually returns.

"Journey into Night" is what Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), the mysterious co-creator of the Westworld theme park, called his final narrative for the park. One of the big mysteries of Season 1 was Ford's motives as he moved toward a new storyline for the Guests of the park to enjoy. However, it was revealed that the narrative was not for the Guests, but for the robotic Hosts, as they finally learned free will and promptly set about murdering all the people in the area. This resulted in Ford's (intentional) death, as he completed his friend Arnold's dream of AI achieving independent consciences. It's been reported that there will be a time jump between Seasons 1 and 2, so we are likely to see the result of how Ford's narrative played out.

If you didn't happen to catch it when Westworld consumed pop culture for a few months, the show is set in a futuristic society where human guests pay to visit a wild west theme park where all the inhabitants are robots called Hosts, who live to serve the Guests. It's a place where anyone can do anything they like, which often results in some dark indulgences, and eventually, the Hosts learn they don't much like being slaves. The show is ultimately about free will and the people we choose to be, but with plenty of mystery and character storylines to fade out the philosophical musings.

Westworld Season 2 won't hit TV screens until 2018, but keep checking into CinemaBlend for any and all future updates. To learn everything about Season 2, here's what we know so far. For shows happening in the immediate future, check out our summer TV premiere guide.

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