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Better Call Saul upped the ante in Season 3 with the introduction of Gustavo Fring, and the plots have been thickening throughout the batch of episodes. Events have been culminating to such a twisty degree that Jimmy has pretty much done his own version of "breaking bad." He may not be cooking meth, but he's gone down a dark path from which he probably won't be able to entirely recover. Now that we've gotten to the end of Season 3, Better Call Saul executive producer Peter Gould said this about what the finale could mean for the future:

So many things that have been cooking--some of them through all three seasons of the show--finally come to a boil. The end of the season is unlike anything we've done on Better Call Saul, and it certainly leads to a helluva lot of questions.

This show has been playing the long game from the beginning, as was basically necessitated by its status as a prequel of sorts to Breaking Bad. There are some questions that we know at least part of the answers to, as with Jimmy and Gus and Hector Salamanca. They, for example, will certainly not die in Better Call Saul, but there are fates of characters who don't appear in breaking bad that we do have to worry about. Peter Gould's comments about the finale to EW indicate that we'll still have plenty of wondering to do, even if we watch and re-watch the episode to catch any and all little clues.

All things considered, the changes made to the status quo in Season 3 point toward an incredible future of the series. Better Call Saul has always had the potential to fall back on its status as connected to eternally epic Breaking Bad, but it stands on its own as much at the end of Season 3 as it always has. Season 4 could be the best yet.

Of course, AMC hasn't actually renewed Better Call Saul for Season 4 just yet. The ratings aren't exactly the highest on the network as there are no zombies involved, but it has been a smash hit with critics, and the leading man's transformation from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman isn't nearly done. We can spend the next however many months stressing over cliffhangers and plot twists and theories; I know I won't be losing any sleep over whether or not Better Call Saul will be back in 2018.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest in TV news. If you're looking for something to watch now that Better Call Saul is done for the year, our 2017 Netflix premiere schedule and our summer TV premiere guide can point you in the right direction. Don't forget to take a look at our list of 5 Breaking Bad questions we never want Better Call Saul to answer, because as far as we're concerned, some mysteries are best left unsolved.

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