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The Walking Dead Season 8 hype is only building up more as things pop up regarding the show ahead of SDCC's official start. The latest picture to hit the web shows two fan favorites, Rick and Maggie, reuniting. Take a look:

Of course, The Walking Dead fans likely already assumed this was coming, considering Rick and Maggie stood tall with Ezekiel as Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom all united for war against the Saviors, but it's still heartwarming to see nonetheless. No details are provided from Twitter regarding exactly where this scene takes place, but it doesn't appear the two are in the throes of a massive battle. Those peaceful moments appear to be few and far between, as showrunner Scott M. Gimple promises EW this storyline will live up to the "All Out War," story arc it's based on.

Beyond their reunion in the finale this will be the first time Maggie and Rick have truly been side by side in a while. The Walking Dead duo haven't been seen together since "Rock In The Road," when they went to meet with Gregory in his office at the Hilltop. Now with everyone back together and on the same page, taking down Negan should be a breeze, or at least easier than it would've been before.

Season 8 Rick certainly looks to be in better spirits in that picture than he was for a bulk of Season 7, and Scott M. Gimple promises the Grimes patriarch will have his "swagger," and confidence back, but he's definitely a changed man. Mainly fans will notice that while Rick is confident yet again, he's more measured in his thinking. Hopefully, that means Rick can lead this war against Negan without us losing too many people we love.

The Rick and Maggie reunion isn't quite as amazing as seeing Daryl and Carol back together, but any new content regarding Season 8 is always welcome! It's also nice to see some positive news from The Walking Dead following the past week that has been marred with a tragic on set death which resulted in a halt in production. Production has since resumed and hopefully, the crew has corrected whatever issue occurred in that unfortunate accident.

With San Diego Comic Con this week, fans of The Walking Dead should be getting a lot more info on Season 8 than they've gotten in awhile. Be on the lookout for a Season 8 trailer this week, as well more info on when we can officially see The Walking Dead return this fall. We already have a good guess, but it will be nice to have some confirmation. For information regarding current summer programming and dates for all shows new or returning be sure to visit our summer premiere guide.

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