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The trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special has arrived, and while it is awesome, it does raise one big question. Check out trailer while you try to figure out exactly what Bill is doing there:

Beyond the fact that Pearl Mackie recently confirmed at San Diego Comic Con that the rumors were true and she would not be returning as Bill Potts for Season 11, there's also the issue of the Season 10 finale. For Doctor Who fans spotty on the timeline due to their time travels, we saw Pearl depart with Heather after becoming a Pilot, and many believed that would be her swan song to the series. Now, not only is Bill back, but she's somehow managed to find herself in a situation that even the Doctor...erm, Doctors, seem to be puzzled about.

It's likely puzzling to fans as well, as Bill's exit on Doctor Who doesn't appear all that significant if she's back in the fold just an episode later. It would also be weird that a companion who is confirmed to be written off the series is back to play a significant part in the Christmas special if she is not returning to help new Doctor actress Jodie Whittaker in Season 11. Given that, is it possible that Pearl Mackie is only back as Bill in spirit and not actually present in the episode?

It wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened as Doctor Who fans have seen Doctors say goodbye to their companions or loved ones a couple times before, even when they weren't physically present in regeneration episodes. Take that with the information that someone else is supposed to be appearing in this episode who shouldn't be there, and a far more likely scenario begins to take shape. Given precedent (and that juicy extra bit of info) it seems far more likely that Bill is some form of hallucination the Doctor sees rather than the character we know and love. Then again, Heather was able to trace Bill in a seemingly impossible way, so maybe Bill can do the same with the Doctor?

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If it turns out Bill isn't really there then can we really know whether or not David Bradley's first Doctor is really there as well? Anything is possible with Doctor Who, but a real team up between Doctor's is nothing new, so, he's probably there. Why the first Doctor and Capaldi's Doctor are together now just before his regeneration is also an interesting question to ask, although it's likely it's another nod to Capaldi and his love of the classic series.

Sadly, we won't know the answers to any of these questions until Doctor Who returns for its Christmas special December 25th on The BBC. Fans desperate for more information might want to see how their peers reacted to Jodie Whittaker taking over as the new Doctor and how The BBC responded to it. For more information regarding all the hot shows of the summer, be sure to visit our summer premiere guide!