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Stephen Colbert has the magic touch nowadays when it comes to television that touches on the political climate. The Late Show has been consistently beating out the competition ever since Donald Trump took office as President of the United States, and Colbert has signed on to bring some of his political comedy to Showtime with a new animated series all about the Trump family. Now, we know of a big twist that's actually kind of crazy. In addition to the stories of the Trump family, the series will feature segment about the latest political developments of a given week.

Showtime will air segments running anywhere between three and five minutes that will be written and animated as late in the game as possible so as to remain relevant to the latest in politics. Given how quickly the political game changes nowadays -- to the point that late night hosts have spoken out about the difficulties of writing hours before air time -- it will likely be a challenge for Showtime to pull these segments off. Assuming the team is successful, however, there will likely be nothing else like these segments on television.

Stephen Colbert is on board as executive producer, which makes sense given the animated segments featuring a fictionalized version of Donald Trump that air on The Late Show from time to time. It should be interesting to see how Showtime and Colbert handle such fast-paced animation. Jon Stewart and HBO originally had plans for something similar, but the deal fell through when they discovered that they wouldn't be able to animate content in a timely manner. Showtime president and CEO David Nevins revealed at the TCA press tour (via IndieWire) why they're pushing for these animated segments:

If you're doing politics immediacy is important. It's been conceived in a very interesting way. Because the computer generated kind of animation, we'll be able to do a portion of each episode that maybe gets written on Thursday and is on the air on Sunday. Whatever happening that week, the show will be able to reflect.

Unfortunately, we have a while to wait before we see the finished project of the currently-untitled Donald Trump-based animated series. Development on the project won't pick up until Stephen Colbert has finishing hosting the Emmys in September. That said, the plan is to have the show on the airwaves at some point before the end of the year, so we probably won't have to wait until 2018 to get a look at the new show. The animation style should look familiar to Late Show viewers, as the lead animator will be Tim Luecke, who co-created the animated version of Donald Trump that shows up on The Late Show.

Stephen Colbert can be found on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on CBS as host of The Late Show. For your other viewing options as we wait for the series to hit Showtime, check out our summer TV guide and our fall TV premiere schedule.

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