Drew Barrymore May Be Bringing An Anthology Horror Series To The CW

Drew Barrymore in Santa Clarita Diet

We're in the midst of a television renaissance right now. Between cable, network, premium channels, and streaming services there is no shortage of fantastic content being produced. In particular, we've seen a ton of film stars move over to the small screen, because better roles are available in weekly format. Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman saw wild success with their work as stars/producers in HBO's Big Little Lies, and now Drew Barrymore is working on a new pilot that will be chock full of female voices. The show is called Black Rose Anthology, and a pilot is currently being produced for The CW.

Black Rose Anthology, if picked up to series, would be a horror anthology series similar to the format of FX's American Horror Story. Anthology series are allowed to be more flexible with regards to casting, as different actors can be shuffled every season. Additionally, the writing can give each season a sense of finality, before moving over and expanding the universe with the next one. Of course Black Rose Anthology is just a pilot as this juncture, but you can see plans for a future if all goes well.

Drew Barrymore is working as a producer for the pilot, and is determined to employ a ton of female contributors onto the project. Deadline reports that the series, if picked up, would be completely written and directed by women. This is a pretty powerful and awesome stance to ensure female voices are heard, and makes the concept of Black Rose Anthology even more exciting. Netflix's Jessica Jones took a similar approach with its second season, which will be directed entirely by female filmmakers.

If Black Rose Anthology manages to get picked up to series by The CW, Drew Barrymore is about to become a very busy lady. She's currently starring in Netflix's dark comedy Santa Clarita Diet, which was renewed for a second season on the streaming service. She's also got her production company Flower Films, which is also producing the new pilot. It's unclear if Barrymore plans to act in Black Rose Anthology at all, but that would just add another job to her busy schedule.

That being said, there are many horror fans that would be absolutely thrilled to see Drew Barrymore back in the genre. Barrymore is one of the most famous scream queens of all time, becoming a legend for her work in the opening sequence of Scream. Audience were shocked to see the star killed off so early in the film, and Barrymore's performance is a highlight of the groundbreaking slasher flick. While there are touches of gore in Santa Clarita Diet, fans of the genre would love to see her in a bonafide horror role.

Santa Clarita Diet will return for Season 2 sometime in 2018. In the meantime, check out our fall premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

Corey Chichizola
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