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The synopsis for Doctor Who's Christmas special was accidentally leaked to the web and, provided it's legit, it sounds great! Fans of the franchise should prepare for a fight as the synopsis teases Peter Capaldi's Doctor will be just as stubborn as the rest when it comes to his regeneration. Fortunately, he won't go at it alone as he'll have the First Doctor as well as a British WWI army captain along for what will be the final adventure of the 12th Doctor.

The leak for the synopsis comes via a Blu-Ray description for the episode featured on The BBC's store, although since word on the Doctor Who leak has spread, the synopsis has been pulled. In addition to what was shared above, We Got This Covered says the Christmas Special will find the two Doctors and a British Army captain trapped on a "foreboding snowscape." Interestingly enough, the synopsis reads that not just Capaldi but BOTH Doctors will have to come to grips with their regeneration. This could either mean that David Bradley's First Doctor could be facing a regeneration of his own or perhaps that he is not actually there and The Doctor is having the hallucinations he tends to have with every regeneration.

In either case, Doctor Who fans already know that Peter Capaldi's Doctor at least will be in full-blown regeneration mode by the end of this special. A lot of other details are left out of the synopsis, but it is said that a lesson in the resilience of humanity will reach him in his "darkest frozen moment," and give The Doctor hope as he confronts his past to determine his future. Does this mean Capaldi's Doctor actually plays a part in his regeneration changing him from a man to a woman?

In addition to speculation regarding the episode, Doctor Who fans must also not forget to speculate on why The BBC pulled this synopsis. Is it due to the fact that it contained spoilers to the series, or, perhaps, was it removed due to being misleading and not entirely accurate? While it did mention things we already know about the special, the synopsis said nothing about the appearance of Bill or another special guest who is rumored to return.

Fans will find out for sure when Doctor Who airs its Christmas special December 25th at 9 p.m. ET on The BBC. Celebrate the countdown to Capaldi's goodbye by reading about the on-screen moment Alex Kingston shared with her co-star that she still can't watch. If that sounds too sad to get into, look ahead to the future as John Barrowman and others seem very excited to see how Jodie Whittaker will do as The Doctor. For a peek at what else is on tap for the fall season in terms of television, visit our fall premiere guide.

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