Fixer Upper's Hosts Respond To Safety Rumors

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Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines announced the ending of Fixer Upper, folks have been curious as to why. Recently, a rumor has surfaced that the two decided to end the series due to safety concerns for their family, which the two's PR rep responded on behalf of the hosts and said those rumors are false:

Chip and Jo's decision to leave Fixer Upper is truly just based on wanting to catch their breath for a minute; to rest, refresh, and spend even more time with their family and growing businesses. It is not based on concerns for their family's safety or anything else people might read. They were very open and honest about their reasoning behind this decision when they first shared the announcement.

The statement, which comes via CBS 8, isn't anything too different than what The Gaines said themselves when they first announced the series was ending. The Gaines family seemed to guess correctly that some would look for a deeper reasoning beyond wanting to spend more time with their family, although at the time they guessed marriage troubles or a fraudulent skincare line would be what tabloids would run with. Now, it appears the Gaines family is looking to get ahead of a rumor that alleges they left the show so that they can better protect their children.

It's been reported this week from an unnamed source that the Fixer Upper family is looking to reduce their celebrity to prevent people from driving by their house and photographing it, and potentially their children. If those rumors are true, it wouldn't be all that surprising that The Gaines would step away from the series to lessen the possibility of any situation that could place their kids in danger, and one could imagine that's a tricky thing to express to diehard fans. At the same time, most people would see that response as reasonable and admirable, so if that rumor was actually true, why wouldn't the Gaines family just admit it?

As far as other controversies the Gaines family could be accused of, there was a family who claimed the Fixer Upper hosts sold them a home in a less than desirable Waco neighborhood without fully disclosing so prior to purchase. There have also been a few other incidents throughout the years, although nothing so scandalous to make someone believe the Gaines have something to hide by ending their show. Still, it is odd that the series is ending so abruptly when it has so many fans.

Fixer Upper will begin its goodbye when Season 5 makes its premiere this November on HGTV. For more on the Gaines family and potential security problems, check out the one time they lost some goats when someone went onto their property and murdered them. For a look at what other fall shows are set to make their premiere in the coming months, visit our fall premiere guide.

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